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Frontastic explains: Mobile first

One of the topics close to our hearts is mobile first. To create truly unique user experiences in modern eCommerce, a digital strategy needs to keep the needs of every customer and every device in mind.

Frontastic explains: API and API first

Today we want to talk about API and API-first. What does that mean and how do modern eCommerce and Composable Fronted Platforms rely on API-first strategies? Read more to find out about the greatest benefits of APIs.

Frontastic explains: Headless

In the 2nd part of our series "Frontastic explains" our Technical Writer Catherine explains one of the biggest buzzwords in eCommerce these days: Headless. We explain what it means and if it's just hype or a real benefit to retailers and customers.

New series: Frontastic explains

In the fast-changing digital world, it’s hard to keep up with upcoming technologies, techniques, and software solutions. We want to provide the knowledge of our highly experienced team to everyone interested so marketers, agencies, or developers can keep up.
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Why do you need a fast and flexible frontend?

Since the Corona crisis, online shops are playing their role as digital shop windows more than ever before. So it's never been more important to be able to adapt frontends quickly and flexibly as a communication interface between retailer and customer.
Preview of Mobile First Whitepaper on a tablet

Go mobile first or lose your customers

True mobile first customer experiences are so much more than responsive design! Our Whitepaper helps you to understand your customers' behavior better, turn insights into best practice mobile first designs, and use technology to create, build, and constantly optimize your pages.
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Improve your eCommerce with Progressive Web App

Whether and how operators of eCommerce Progressive Web Apps can and should simply use them, that's what this article is about. Technology is never a panacea. This is also the case with Progressive Web Apps.
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Frontend matters: The customer decides on the success of digital business ideas

Frontastic is revolutionizing digital customer interfaces, creating completely new possibilities for digital interaction, and opening up entirely new possibilities for digital business ideas.
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PWAs — simple and efficient

Progressive Web Apps are the next big trend, especially for business models for which native apps offer little real added value. Thomas Gottheil explains in 2 minutes how you can build a PWA with Frontastic, even in your existing infrastructure, what advantages that has, and what comes after PWAs.
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Mobile first — or how to make it in the mobile world

Mobile first is just as much an important topic today as it was 3 years ago. Also responsive design is still a hot topic that hasn't yet arrived fully in commerce reality.