Our insights and experiences in building a remote company, working fully remotely, and workplace culture.

Remote work and productivity

For more than 2 years now, remote work — be it hybrid or fully remote — has been part of everyday life in many companies. In this blog post, we want to talk about productivity in remote environments and share the experiences and tips of our team.

The art of remote communication

We're a remote company. For us, the difference between synchronous and asynchronous communication is a success-critical component of our company culture. In this blog post, we talk about the art of communication at Frontastic.

Evolution of virtual retreats at Frontastic

In times of a pandemic, we believe it isn't responsible to meet in person as a remote native company. That's why our retreats – the more informal meetings – also take place online. Our learning curve is steep, to put it positively: our virtual meetings are getting better and better each time. Read more.

Maximum output comes from working in the most suitable environment

Knowledge workers don't need machines — thanks to digitalization, there's no need for paper files either. All work tools and information are available digitally that can be accessed from anywhere. So what does this mean when choosing a workplace? What does the ideal workplace look like? And does the ideal workplace even exist? Read more to find out.

About the fears of remote workers in a mixed team

Every crisis is also a chance. Corona is a chance for remote work. But why is it so important for remote workers to work in a fully distributed team? Find out more in the blog post by Frontastic COO Henning Emmrich.

Virtual — but not distant at all

Frontastic shares some more insights about life as a remote native company and why home office during a pandemic is not the same as regular remote working. We'll also share some basics about remote working as well as explaining how Frontastic decided to become a remote native company.

Is the home office a success model?

The home office isn't a model for success for every person or every company. But it can take a lot of pain for both companies and people (lack of skilled workers, long journeys). However, this only works if you do it right — as is so often the case.

Remote work in a different way: Ski-and-work

Skiing in the morning, working in the afternoon, then cooking together, discussing afterward, and having fun: that's ski-and-work.

Frontastic’s remote team growth

Since being founded, Frontastic has operated as a completely location-independent company. By now, our team isn't only spread all over Germany but increasingly also based abroad. By now, organizing ourselves as a remote native company has proven to be an important factor for our company's development. Read all about why and how we build our team remotely and why that's a big advantage for us as we grow.

Founding a remote native company

If you're interested in remote work and want to get to know our view on this working world — this post is for you. Read all about founding a remote native company.