News about Frontastic’s Technology and System Integration Partners as well as new integrations. composable summit apac

Key drivers on delivering great customer experiences on headless

We’re excited to share a few key takeaways from our “Eat, sleep, test, repeat: The Netflix way of constantly optimizing your customer experience” session at the Overdose Composable Commerce Summit APAC 2022.
GraphCMS Frontastic

GraphCMS and Frontastic announce partnership

Today, we’re happy to announce our strategic partnership with GraphCMS , the first enterprise-class headless content management, and federation platform!

New partnership: We’re happy to welcome Kosmonaut to our ecosystem

We're happy to announce our partnership with Kosmonaut, the eCommerce network agency with over 20 years of experience.

E2X and Frontastic announce partnership

Frontastic and E2X combine expertise in commerce sites with 20 years of experience delivering agile, flexible, and API first commerce solutions to provide businesses with the next generation of customer-centric digital transformations. Read more.
5874Commerce partnership image

5874 Commerce and Frontastic announce partnership

We're happy to announce our partnership with 5874 Commerce, the leading, double award-winning BigCommerce partner in Europe. Find out more about the partnership.
molly partnership image

Mollie and Frontastic announce technology partnership

As mobile sales increase, eCommerce needs to offer a variety of payment options to cater to the broadest possible audience and set of buyer preferences. We're happy to announce our technology partnership with Mollie.
Ampliance partnership image

Amplience and Frontastic announce technology partnership

Frontastic, the Composable Frontend Platform for headless and API first systems, and Amplience, leading API first, headless content management platform for enterprise commerce, are proud to start working together as technology partners.
mobizcorp partnership image

Mobizcorp and Frontastic announce partnership

Customized brand services meet fast and flexible frontends: We're more than happy to welcome Mobizcorp to the Frontastic ecosystem. We're looking forward to future-driven projects. Read more!

Kameleoon and Frontastic announce technology partnership

As a platform for AI personalization and A/B testing, Kameleeon is making conversions happen. We're glad to announce our partnership to enable customers to have a completely individual digital experience.

64labs and Frontastic announce partnership

64labs is a frontend specialist for ambitious customers throughout North America. We're happy to start our partnership and together bring Frontastic's market-leading framework to the US and Canada.