The Standard for
Management and Delivery of
Digital Customer Experiences

for all API first CMS and e-Commerce Systems

The Standard for Management and Delivery of Digital Customer Experiences

for all API first CMS and e-Commerce Systems

Build an exciting digital experience

As a Merchant …

we help you to excite your customers by a fast and real mobile first super cool shopping experience.

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As an Online Editor …

we help you to just realize your ideas by providing a really simple to use but enterprise ready interface to manage all your frontend.

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As a Developer …

we help you to easily create a robust fronted by providing the most complete frontend Platform as a Service so you can focus on your work.

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Frontastic – frontend api as a Service

Current integrations:


Missing an integration to you favorite system or custom API?

How it works…

Link your E-Commerce or CMS with Frontastic

Write a set of reusable web components called Tastics

Build your site based on Tastics – really fast and w/o code required

Thanks to Frontastic our developers can focus on what they are best in: coding. The React platform and library simplifies their work as it comes with continuous integration and ready to run development images.

Dr. Matthias BlauthCEO atNEXUS Group

Frontastic makes the frontend and the user experience easier and more exciting. A great way for forward thinking brands and retailers to try out new ideas.

Jochen KrischPublisher of

Frontastic is a fantastic way for all companies that need a simple and superfast frontend as a service but don’t want to miss the opportunity to provide great experiences on any device.

Dirk HörigCEO atcommercetools

If you don‘t like to have a completely self made frontend from the scratch take a look at Frontastic!

Sebastian BetzCEO atAbout You

Site built based on Tastics

Editor’s view

Our single page sites load with lightning fast speed.

According to Google and other current E-Commerce studies speed is the most important fact about conversion rate.

If your site is not as fast as your competition, you will loose.

Frontastic is lightning fast due to it’s special JavaScript rendering. It feels like a native app on your mobile. It seems like every content is already there!

Your clients will love it!

From editors point of view, everything is simple and clear. Our interface is build for enterprise, so editors can choose from existing, predefined templates, called “Tastic”.

Each Tastic can have multiple configuration options. It might connect to another service like E-Commerce of Headless CMS.

In this example we might have a blueprint of this campaign landing page. And the only thing the frontend editor has to do, is to assign the correct campaign-ID from e.g. commercetools and contentful.

And it’s done. So simple. So powerful. So lightning fast!

Sounds interesting to you?

Frontastics Core Features

E-Commerce Platform as a Service

for Developers

  • Full featured React library for creating the Tastics
  • Ready-to-use Docker containers and VM images
  • GIT Repository
  • Continuous Integration
  • Ready-to-use workflow with development, staging and production environment
  • Ready-to-use integration with commertools, About You Cloud (Backbone) and contentful
  • Hosting and operation of the complete platform 24/7
  • Highly scalable, fail-safe, enterprise ready

Software as a Service

for Online Editors

  • Easy-to-use, enterprise-ready user interface
  • Complete complex tasks without coding
  • Tastics as content building blocks - create complex pages without coding
  • Instant Preview on mobile devices or other devices - true Mobile First development
  • Very high flexibility in complex project requirements
  • Integrated Image Cloud for teasers and other content images incl. Intelligent Cropping and CDN

Single Page Application

for Customers

  • React for all modern browsers and web-enabled devices (TV, display, etc.)
  • Progressive Web Application for a great user experience (app-feeling) without reloads etc.
  • Fewer bounces and higher conversion rates due to extremely fast load times
  • Powerful, semantic search integrated
  • „Ready for Voice”
  • Fast picture load in best quality by integrated CDN
  • Hosting and operation of the complete platform 24/7
  • Highly scalable, fail-safe, enterprise-ready

Compare our editions

  • Frontastic completely free developers
  • Developer Edition

  • Frontend as a Service
  • React Plattform as a Service
  • connects to enterprise eCommerce and CMS API
  • unlimited for testing
  • no live environment
  • Frontastic for enterprise projects including SLA
  • Enterprise Edition

  • Frontend as a Service
  • React Plattform as a Service
  • connects to enterprise eCommerce and CMS API
  • pricing based on your needs
  • including SLA
    including premium Support
  • Frontastic as starter package including headless eCommerce system
  • Accelerate Edition

  • Frontend as a Service
  • React Plattform as a Service
  • bundled with commercetools eCommerce
  • pricing includes both Frontastic and commercetools
  • includes commerce tools eCommerce

Sounds interesting to you?

How we solve your problems:

We help Merchants …

… to win against their competition by providing a super fast, ultra cool mobile first experience for their digital commerce or show room. Frontastic provides a React Single Page Application (PWA).

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We help Content Editors …

… to get their daily work done without waiting for a developer or agency. Our Frontend Editor is really simple to use but designed for enterprise. Get around work done w/o any programming needed.

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We help Developers …

… to focus on their daily doing. Is your continuous integration running at the moment? Any problems with maintenance of your VMs or Docker? With Frontastic Developers get a whole React Development Library as platform as a Service – so they could focus on their work.

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We help Agencies …

… to be focus on profitable doings. Are you annoyed by day to day „urgent“ requests by your clients? With Frontastic they‘re able to do all this stuff on their own. And Agencies can focus on what their best: Providing best practice solutions and business value solutions to their clients.

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