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Portrait of Udo Rauch looking into the camera

Udo Rauch starts as new CSO at Frontastic

Udo Rauch has joined Frontastic as Co-founder and Chief Sales Officer. His task will be to build up sales for Frontastic and at the same time to push marketing further.
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Flaconi starts with Frontastic’s Composable Frontend Platform

Flaconi, the award-winning online shop for beauty products, relies on Frontastic. With this decision, the company is positioning itself for further international growth and focuses on the unique customer experience of its platform.
Thomas Gottheil, Henning Emmrich, Tobias Schlitt, Kore Nordmann

Frontastic closes pre-series-A over 1.8 million euros

The technology start-up Frontastic successfully completes a 7-figure financing round. Reimann Investors, Ventech, NRW.BANK, and Business Angel Ulrike Müller participate in pre-series-A.
Hand holding a mobile with an online shop

Improve your eCommerce with Progressive Web App

Whether and how operators of eCommerce Progressive Web Apps can and should simply use them, that's what this article is about. Technology is never a panacea. This is also the case with Progressive Web Apps.
black logo saying "Made with Frontastic"

Major brands rely on Frontastic’s Composable Frontend Platform

Frontastic wins Apollo, Prym, CHRONEXT, and Universal Music Germany as customers for their cloud-based Composable Frontend Platform. API economy and headless CMS develop from buzzword to game-changer in eCommerce.
graphic showing composable layers in microservices vs. monolithic systems

API first: Frontastic as frontend for headless set-ups

Whether in commerce, content management, or other areas such as data management, headless setups, and microservices are becoming increasingly more important. In this interview, Thomas Gottheil, CEO and Co-founder of Frontastic, explains why API first is more than just a trend. What are the challenges, and why's Frontastic the piece of the puzzle that provides the solution? All that info in less than 2 minutes.

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