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Frontend matters: The customer decides on the success of digital business ideas

Frontastic is revolutionizing digital customer interfaces, creating completely new possibilities for digital interaction, and opening up entirely new possibilities for digital business ideas.
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PWAs — simple and efficient

Progressive Web Apps are the next big trend, especially for business models for which native apps offer little real added value. Thomas Gottheil explains in 2 minutes how you can build a PWA with Frontastic, even in your existing infrastructure, what advantages that has, and what comes after PWAs.
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Building and deploying customer experiences faster

Thomas explains briefly which issues managers, marketers, and content managers often encounter today when it comes to continuously improve their frontend experiences. He also shows how that process can be improved. In less than 2 minutes, you'll learn how to quickly, flexibly, and independently build, deploy, and continuously optimize your customer experiences with Frontastic.
Chronext store preview on mobile and desktopContrary to monolithic legacy systems, API first solutions provide high performing sites.

Flexible, fast, and agile: 3 core benefits of Frontastic

How and why Frontastic as a Composable Frontend Platform helps our customers to make frontend development more flexible, easier, and faster: Thomas explains it to you in 2 very informative minutes. Also: how our API first approach ensures the optimal provision of data and processes, how content and marketing managers create a Progressive Web App with our studio easily and without IT effort, and why fast testing and improvement is important for our customers. Take a look, it's worth it!
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Mobile first — or how to make it in the mobile world

Mobile first is just as much an important topic today as it was 3 years ago. Also responsive design is still a hot topic that hasn't yet arrived fully in commerce reality.

Frontastic’s remote team growth

Since being founded, Frontastic has operated as a completely location-independent company. By now, our team isn't only spread all over Germany but increasingly also based abroad. By now, organizing ourselves as a remote native company has proven to be an important factor for our company's development. Read all about why and how we build our team remotely and why that's a big advantage for us as we grow.

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