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Why Frontastic Joined the MACH Alliance

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The MACH Alliance has set out to break the release cycles of enterprise solutions and promote a new ecosystem of technologies within companies. Frontastic is in on the action from the outset.

Why do you need a fast and flexible frontend?

Since the Corona crisis, online shops are playing their role as digital shop windows more than ever before. So it’s never been more important to be able to adapt frontends quickly and flexibly as a communication interface between retailer and customer.
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Go Mobile First or Lose Your Customers

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True mobile-first customer experiences are so much more than responsive design! Our Whitepaper helps you to understand your customers’ behavior better, turn insights into best practice mobile-first designs, and use technology to create, build and constantly optimize your pages.

CHRONEXT: Fast and Flexible Shop Design With Frontastic

Frontastic was the right solution for CHRONEXT because it meant that they could change to a Microservices architecture where they could utilize multiple systems, with Frontastic powering the frontend delivered as an impressive PWA. It also empowered all their teams to be able to work with less dependencies on each other and allowed them to focus on their specialized roles within CHRONEXT, giving them the flexibility to change and adapt to any future needs.

Frontend-as-a-Service – for dummies

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The Frontend as a Service is the extension of a micro service-oriented architecture towards the Frontend (as a replacement for Web-Framework).

Current podcasts about Frontastic

In the last weeks there have been two recommendable podcasts with contributions to Frontastic.

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