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Go mobile first or lose your customers

True mobile first customer experiences are so much more than responsive design! Our Whitepaper helps you to understand your customers' behavior better, turn insights into best practice mobile first designs, and use technology to create, build, and constantly optimize your pages.
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Current podcasts about Frontastic

In the last weeks there have been two recommendable podcasts with contributions to Frontastic.
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Virtual — but not distant at all

Frontastic shares some more insights about life as a remote native company and why home office during a pandemic is not the same as regular remote working. We'll also share some basics about remote working as well as explaining how Frontastic decided to become a remote native company.
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Frontastic wins leading Swiss wine online retailer and telco retail giant

Frontastic gains 2 new customers — market leaders in their respective industries — thanks to the ability to implement new frontend ideas in day-to-day business quickly and with less help from developers and agencies.
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Monolith versus microservices architecture in a nutshell

Monoliths are good for managing existing businesses. Service-oriented architectures or microservices are the key to speed, agility, and fast growth. The right choice essentially depends on your own position in the market.
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Is the home office a success model?

The home office isn't a model for success for every person or every company. But it can take a lot of pain for both companies and people (lack of skilled workers, long journeys). However, this only works if you do it right — as is so often the case.

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