Frontastic Team Meeting

Back to normal or: About the fears of remote workers in a mixed team

Every crisis is also a chance. Corona is a chance for remote work. But why is it so important for remote workers to work in a fully distributed team? Find out more in the blog post by Frontastic COO Henning Emmrich.

Meet our new partner Mindcurv

Frontastic, the most innovative Commerce Frontend Platform for headless and API first systems, and Mindcurv, the digital Commerce agency which helps design and implement scalable digital platforms and cloud infrastructures, are proud to start working together as partners.

New series: Frontastic explains

In the fast-changing digital world, it’s hard to keep up with upcoming technologies, techniques, and software solutions. We want to provide the knowledge of our highly experienced team to everyone interested so marketers, agencies, or developers can keep up.
Always preview your website on a real device

Why you should always preview your pages on a real device

There's lots to take into account before going live with your commerce site. We look at why you should be previewing your pages on a real device beforehand.
Mach Alliance Logo

Why Frontastic joined the MACH Alliance

The MACH Alliance has set out to break the release cycles of enterprise solutions and promote a new ecosystem of technologies within companies. Frontastic is in on the action from the outset.
collection of images showing how configure Tastics with the Frontastic Editor

Why do you need a fast and flexible frontend?

Since the Corona crisis, online shops are playing their role as digital shop windows more than ever before. So it's never been more important to be able to adapt frontends quickly and flexibly as a communication interface between retailer and customer.

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