Frontastic gets recognized in Scandinavia

With the digital world evolving fast, modern business strategies need to be highly flexible to meet the fast-changing needs of customers. Headless solutions are growing rapidly among Scandinavian enterprises as they allow a whole new level of business agility, and well-known newspapers and magazines are discussing the topic.

“We had some concerns about costs at first. But the investment in Frontastic has paid off in full,” says Michael Urban, Director of eCommerce and Digital Solutions from Prym.

Despite the rise of headless eCommerce: Editorial interfaces are still required

Headless CMS and commerce systems are on the rise and have become the state-of-the-art technology for digital commerce projects. Nevertheless, recognizes that non-technical teams like Marketing, eCommerce managers, or top management need an editorial interface to create, build, and improve their brand’s commerce site.

“Here, new players such as Frontastic are starting to appear. The German company Frontastic and its Composable Frontend Platform was founded in the same breeding ground and with the same market in mind as local colleague Contentful.

The API first solution is a framework that integrates with headless systems and puts the marketing department in control of managing all site content without the help of developers. It’s based on simple building blocks written in ReactJS that any editor should be able to set up without knowing how to code. There are integrations such as Adyen payment support which make the customer and user experience even smoother. Today, there are mainly German customers, but the company hopes to grow rapidly.”


You want to find out more about Frontastic? Get to know the product in our demo video:

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