Thanks to Headless Commerce, customers benefit from maximum flexibility with basically
any type of touch-point. This includes individual web customer experiences as well as
mobile, text, social media or voice commerce and Internet of Things (IoT). Microservices
enable agile development and short release cycles to quickly implement new trends and
The SAAS Commerce Cloud solves the “buy vs build” dilemma. Core e-commerce
functions are simply consumed, individual customisation can be fully focused on the
differentiating factors.
In addition to e-commerce microservices, the solution includes an expandable Back-Office
with Product Information Management (PIM), Content Management (CMS) and Order
Management (OMS). Thus the solution also convinces in order fulfilment. The highly
efficient Pick-Pack-Ship with In-Store Wave Picking connects existing stores to a total
customer experience with same-day delivery or pick-up programs.

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