Build amazing commerce sites on
headless without limits

Combine the speed and flexibility of headless with the simplicity of a website builder

Increase developer productivity

Empower business team autonomy

Speed up time to market

Increase developer productivity

  • Let our API hub do the wiring and focus on a differentiating frontend
  • Use our built-in functionality for URL routing and templating to avoid rewriting code and error-prone work
  • Use React to build Frontastic components that business users can control in the site builder
  • Release new features in hours and launch new sites in days with our built-in workflow for Frontastic components, including development, test, and production environments
  • Deploy with confidence using our deployment pipeline with Continuous Integration and rollbacks
  • Eliminate DevOps time and resources — we guarantee 24/7 service and 99.9% SLA by using our SaaS platform
Why Frontastic
Wh Frontastic empowers

Empower business teams to work without complexity and code

  • Build pages, update content, configure data sources, and publish — all without code or help from developers
  • Live preview on real devices
  • Manage any page type in multiple languages, from category pages to landing pages, search, checkout, and more
  • Publish with 1-click or schedule for later
  • Create templates to avoid repetitive tasks and ensure consistency
  • Add redirects, control the URL structure, and optimize SEO

Speed up time to market with
Frontastic starter components

Build your commerce site even faster with Frontastic starter components for the most common commerce
use cases, like product listings, details pages, cart, and checkout.

Frontastic Starter Components

Frontastic comes with all the code you don’t 

want to write

“By using Frontastic, our developer productivity has increased dramatically and flaschenpost.ch can implement new ideas 50% faster than before”

Seeing is believing

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