Talking about Frontastic – three core benefits of Frontastic

Flexible, fast and agile: Three core benefits of Frontastic

How and why Frontastic as a Frontend Management Platform helps our customers to make frontend development more flexible, easier and faster: Thomas explains it to you in two very informative minutes.

Also: how our API-First approach ensures the optimal provision of data and processes, how content and marketing managers create a Progressive Web App with our editor easily and without IT effort, and why fast testing and improvement is important for our customers.

Take a look, it’s worth it!

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“Our API first focus in combination with our editor enables marketing and content managers to quickly and flexibly access data and processes from many different systems. This allows companies to launch and test for example a Progressive Web App fast and without the need for specialised frontend development.

New concepts and ideas can be realised, tested and built upon or discarded quickly and easily”.

Thomas GottheilCEO and Co-Founder of Frontastic