Spryker and Frontastic announce technology partnership

A best of breed Frontend for a best in class Commerce OS

Berlin/ Hamburg/ Münster January 15th, 2020Frontastic, the most innovative Frontend Management Platform for headless and API-first systems, and Spryker, the leading software provider for B2C and B2B commerce solutions, are proud to start working together as technology partners. 

Integration via APIs

The seamless integration of the two software solutions via their APIs enables brands and businesses to easily develop high-impact digital customer experiences while relying on a commerce software solution specifically tailored to their business needs. 

Complex business processes meet frontend excellence

The combination of Spryker’s Commerce OS and Frontastic’s Frontend Management Platform opens a world of new possibilities for brands and businesses. 

Spryker enables its customers to cover their individual, complex business processes and data management throughout various sales channels. For Spryker’s B2C and B2B customers, the ability to analyse business data and optimise their omnichannel sales strategies and processes, equals business success management at its best. 

More than ever, brands and businesses thrive because they provide an extremely impactful online shopping experience to their consumers: a highly personalised, fast, and intuitive shopping process that’s informative, engaging, and exciting, and truly mobile first. With Frontastic, brands are able to develop and deliver a customer experience that’s all of the above. Additionally, Frontend Managers working with Frontastic can create new digital customer experiences without the need for IT development and without any coding knowledge. This means that Frontastic drastically decreases the time to market for brands and adds speed and agility to their processes.  

The future is headless

In today’s rapidly changing eCommerce industry, headless and API-first software solutions are becoming indispensable. As online retail is coming of age, so are online shoppers’ expectations. More than ever, speed, flexibility, and an outstanding customer experience are key factors for a brand’s successful online presence. 

Contrary to monolithic legacy systems, API-first solutions provide high performing yet flexible and adaptable environments which allow eCommerce businesses to optimise each part of their business process with an exceptionally specialised software solution. 

“When selecting our Technology Partners, we rely on innovative services that allow a shorter time-to-market with our headless and API-first Commerce OS.” said Alexander Graf, Co-CEO and Spryker founder. He adds, “This approach, and the technology stack of Frontastic and Spryker, are a very good fit. This makes Frontastic a perfect addition to our ecosystem. We are, therefore, very happy to have Frontastic as a new Technology Partner on board.”

Frontastic’s CEO Thomas Gottheil is convinced that “The future of eCommerce software is headless. By combining our Frontend-as-a-Service and Spryker’s Commerce OS, brands are fully equipped to build powerful digital customer experiences which will be a make-or-break factor for their future success. That’s why we are especially happy to team up with Spryker and offer a seamless integration of the two solutions.”

About Spryker

The Spryker Commerce OS is an innovative commerce operating system for digital pioneers and companies with complex digital business models. Comprehensive processes and article requirements, user-friendly customer touchpoints such as online shops, bots or IoT (Internet of Things) applications, as well as seamless integration with third-party systems can be realised flexibly with the Spryker Commerce OS.  Companies get a solution that’s perfectly tailored to their needs and to reach customers anywhere over a wide range of touchpoints and connections.

The teams of Spryker Systems are located in Berlin and Hamburg. Find out more on https://spryker.com/ and on Twitter: @sprysys.

About Frontastic

With its Frontend-as-a-Service, Frontastic is rethinking the digital customer experience. Truly based on mobile first, the solution enables ambitious online retailers, brands, marketplaces, or even agile start-ups to easily implement a customer centric digital experience with minimal IT effort. Within a short period of time, Frontastic has successfully established itself as the new standard frontend solution for the API economy.

Find out more about Frontastic on www.frontastic.cloud, Twitter: @frontasticGmbH,
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/frontastic-gmbh/.