Prym Group starts online offensive with Frontastic

The household goods manufacturer Prym had big plans to become one of the leading DIY online marketplaces. They enlisted the Commerce Frontend Platform Frontastic to go up against the competition.

  • 380 million

    annual sales

  • 3,500

    employees worldwide

Prym Group starts online offensive with Frontastic

Founded in 1530, the Prym Group is the oldest industrial family business in Germany.

Starting in brass and copper production, the company is used to adapting and evolving to the ever-changing world. Today, Prym is one of the leading brands for high-quality sewing utensils and haberdashery and is the world market leader in the production of snap fasteners. The company employs around 3,500 people worldwide and most recently achieved annual sales of 380 million euros.

Metalworking Industry, Production

  • Spryker

“Frontastic provides a Frontend Platform that gives Prym the ability to change their website structure quickly, easily, and independently from development teams.”


From catalogue to omnichannel

At the beginning of 2019, Prym decided to launch its own, internationally positioned and responsive online shop. Their goal was to become one of the most relevant players in the DIY online marketplace category while living their corporate mission (“your specialist for creative design with a guarantee of success”) digitally. With traditional handicraft shops as a very important sales channel, one important focus of the new eCommerce structure was to strengthen stationary retailers while also incorporating a new online sales channel.

Prym Group starts online offensive with Frontastic

We had some concerns about costs at first. But the investment in Frontastic has paid off in full.

Michael Urban
Director of eCommerce and Digital Solutions @ Prym


Next step: omnichannel customer experience

The main challenge for Prym was to realize an omnichannel customer experience. The next step was to combine products related to textile handicrafts with inspiring content and a wide range of services to enrich the customer experience. Their website at the time was essentially a product catalog based on the suite-style eCommerce solution Shopware, and Prym felt it wasn’t able to fully support their ambitious future plans.


Content loves Frontastic

Handicrafts have become an emotional hobby, and customers are increasingly looking for an inspiring and engaging shopping and learning experience. To let specialist retailers benefit from the online offensive, Prym integrated a specialist trade search as well as a practical course finder for sewing courses and workshops, where DIY enthusiasts can find the handicraft courses of Prym specialist dealers in their area.

Since the online presence of Prym is extremely content-heavy, one of the most important factors in choosing a technical solution was having the ability to change the website structure and the content as easily as possible. Prym quickly chose a suitable system: Spryker would be the shop software while Frontastic completed the set-up as a frontend solution. The project started in February 2019 with a team of 15 employees working to implement the ambitious plans. In November 2019, the project was completed and relaunched.

To produce the huge amount of content required for the new shop, a separate eCommerce team was formed, mainly consisting of editors. Prym also has lots of ideas for new services and content for the future.

Technically, the existing online shop is to be internationalized and extended by a marketplace solution. The integration of a new PIM system is also planned. With the first step into a headless, API first eCommerce architecture, the haberdashery producer is well prepared for their next evolution.


Focus on improving the user experience

Prym, the leading household goods manufacturer, wants to inspire and retain customers with a DIY online marketplace. To do this, they need to have the ability to constantly update content across their site at any time.

Frontastic provides a Commerce Frontend Platform that gives Prym the ability to change their website structure quickly, easily, and independently from development teams. Thanks to Frontastic, Prym can not only keep up with the competition but is starting to win the race.

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