Want to work with great people?

Frontastic unites business and development teams to build incredible commerce sites on headless.

We’re a fully remote company that invests in empowering our staff to do their best work.

How we work

Frontastic team on the beach in italy

We’re remote natives

Every single person in the team works remotely.

Asynchronous communication first

Our first lines of communication are tools like Slack and Notion.
We document everything and we openly share it,
unless it’s confidential.

Synchronous communication

Being face-to-face is key to building our team culture. We use video to co-work, pair-program, have socials, as well as the occasional meeting.

Getting together

Even as a remote team, we know how important it is to see each other in person. So we meet 3 times a year for retrospectives plus a 5-day retreat.


A day in the life

“At Frontastic, we have a real sense of “we.” Our employees care about each other and we make every effort to foster personal relationships as an essential part of our remote company culture.”

Portrait Henning Emmrich


Our values

Make an impact

We’re here to change the industry, and we’re in it to win it. We’re incredibly focused, and our main focus is on customer success. We boldly go out of our comfort zones, we support each other, and we love what we do.

We know the impact we have, and it drives us to do our very best every day.

Thirst for learning

We’re addicted to learning, and we learn from everything. We embrace our failures as they’re something we can learn from and only help us to improve. We think differently, and we know that change is good. We’re curious, and innovation leads the way. We’re constantly looking for new ideas that can help our customers (and the world). We quickly test, verify, and learn so we can continuously improve.

We try to understand the motivation of others as we’re not all alike, and we all know different things. We actively encourage sharing knowledge, and we mentor each other.

Diversity rules

We’re proud to be a diverse team spread across the world. For us, diversity isn’t just one of our values. It’s deeply anchored in our strategy and mindset. We empower the under-represented. We value the broad personality types we have in our teams. We build a safe community for everyone to be themselves.

For us, it doesn’t matter if you’re a woman, a person of color, part of the LGBTQ+ community, if you’re a person with a disability, or if you belong to any other minority. We see that as an advantage that can only make us better in achieving our vision.

Transparency first

We believe that we can only be successful with the greatest possible transparency. We make all information as public as possible, and we’re direct (as well as truthful) in all our communications. When we make decisions, we don’t just explain what we’re doing but why we’re doing it.

We have an open and honest culture by giving direct feedback. We solve problems with constructiveness and kindness. This is how we create positive relationships and move forward together.

We’re in this together

As colleagues, with our customers, and with our communities, co-operation and collaboration are key. We help one another, and we care for each other. We’re a team, no matter if you’re a colleague or a customer, and we value our competitors. We have no ego and know it’s impossible to know everything, so we value everyone’s input and work together. And we celebrate our successes together.

Life happens. Flexibility is incredibly important to our team, and that’s why we work when it makes sense for us as individuals. We know that there’s more to life than work, but we also know that work can be pretty demanding at times. We strive to find the right balance (we know it’s not easy), and we accept that our effort is a marathon, not a sprint.

  • Frontastic Team brewing coffee
  • Frontastic Team passing a ball through a rain pipe during team building
  • Frontastic team sitting in half circle discussing
  • Sven Koschnicke, Henning Emmrich and Ray Schaeken toasting during team building

“At Frontastic, values aren’t a marketing tool. Every day since I joined the team, I experience an open and honest culture with real teamwork and a remote setup built on strong relationships between people.”


Our benefits

Flexible working

You’re free to choose your own hours to work around your life. We’re also open to part-time hours.

Vacation days

We’re offering 28 days plus public holidays — and 2 additional fixed days off (24 and 31 December) where they fall on a weekday.

Working allowance

Whether you prefer to work from home or a co-working office, we offer an allowance to let you work in the way that best suits you.

Development budget

A €500 allowance each year for conferences and other development activities.

Company events

Social bonding is critical to our success. So we offer regular in-person and virtual events (COVID dependent).

Company laptop

A laptop (of your choice) so you can choose the best environment for your work.


Available roles


A fully distributed team

“Frontastic is a fully distributed team — right from the start. Why we believe “remote native” makes a big difference and why we still believe that face-to-face meetings and social bonding are critical to team success — you can read about it in our blog articles.”

Portrait Henning Emmrich

Featured blog posts

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The home office isn't a model for success for every person or every company. But it can take a lot of pain for both companies and people (lack of skilled workers, long journeys). However, this only works if you do it right — as is so often the case.

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Frontastic’s remote team growth

Since being founded, Frontastic has operated as a completely location-independent company. By now, our team isn't only spread all over Germany but increasingly also based abroad. By now, organizing ourselves as a remote native company has proven to be an important factor for our company's development. Read all about why and how we build our team remotely and why that's a big advantage for us as we grow.