Founded in 2017, Frontastic is a 100% remote company, with over 30 employees in over 13 countries (and counting). Frontastic is a Commerce Frontend Platform that unites business and development teams to build commerce sites on headless. Within a short time, Frontastic has successfully established itself as the new standard for commerce frontends, with customers seeing higher conversion rates, increased developer productivity, and faster time to market.

36 employees

working remotely

13 languages

100% English in daily life


revenue growth YoY

“We dream of a world where every digital experience creates a delightful moment. Where technology isn’t a blocker, it’s an accelerator. Where everyone’s inspired and empowered to put customers first. Frontastic makes all that (and more) possible.”


Our values

Make an impact

We’re here to change the industry, and we’re in it to win it. We’re incredibly focused, we boldly go out of our comfort zones, and we love doing what we do.

Thirst for learning

We’re addicted to learning, and we learn from everything, including our failures. We adapt easily to change, we’re curious, we’re innovative, and we’re always searching for new ideas.

Diversity rules

We’re proud to be a diverse team spread across the world. We empower the under-represented. We build a safe community for everyone to be themselves while holding each other to account when needed.

Transparency first

We make all information as public as possible, and we’re direct (as well as truthful) in all our communications. We don’t just explain what we’re doing but why we’re doing it.

We’re in this together

As colleagues, with our customers, and with our communities, co-operation and collaboration are key. We help one another, we care for each other, and we celebrate our successes together.

  • Frontastic Team passing a ball through a rain pipe during team building
  • Frontastic team sitting in half circle discussing
  • Sven Koschnicke, Henning Emmrich and Ray Schaeken toasting during team building

How we work

We’re remote natives

Every single person in the team works remotely.

Asynchronous communication first

We use tools that support this, like Slack and Notion.
We document everything and we openly share it,
unless it’s confidential (obviously).

Synchronous communication

Being face-to-face is key to building our team culture. We use video to co-work, pair-program, have socials, as well as the occasional meeting.

Getting together

Even as a remote team, we know how important it is to see each other in person. So we meet 3 times a year for retrospectives plus a 5-day retreat.

Eager to know more?

Frontastic Team Meeting
Henning Emmrich sitting on a deck chair working with his dog on his lab
Screen shot of Frontastic team weekly
Sven Koschnicke, Henning Emmrich and Ray Schaeken toasting during team building
Henning Emmrich talking and making gestures
Team picture of the Frontastic TeamThe Frontastic team
group image of the original Frontastic founders team Toby, Henning, Manuel, Thomas, Kore

Meet the team

“At Frontastic, we have a real sense of “we”. Our employees care about each other and we make every effort to foster personal relationships as an essential part of our remote company culture.”

Portrait of Abbie Vobes looking into the camera tilting her head

Abbie Vobes

People Experience Lead

Andrius Mikalauskas

Frontend Developer

António Ferreira

Technical Support Engineer

Portrait Carlos Mourullo

Carlos Mourullo

Backend Developer

Portrait Catherine Jones

Catherine Jones

Lead Editor

Diana Schröter

Project Manager and Customer Success Manager

Dimitrios Arvanitidis

Full Stack Developer

Portrait Florian Sowade

Florian Sowade

People Lead (Technical)

Heidi Marjamäki

Product Lead

Helen Kamender

Head of Marketing

Portrait Henning Emmrich

Henning Emmrich

Chief Operations Officer

James Morrison

Fullstack Developer

Portrait Justus Nagel

Justus Nagel

Strategic Projects, Finance and Legal Lead

Portrait Holger Koschek

Holger Koschek

Agile Coach

Portrait Kirill Klimenko

Kirill Klimenko

Customer Success Engineer

Portrait Klaudija Levar

Klaudija Ljevar

Frontend Developer

Portrait Kore Nordmann

Kore Nordmann

Chief Technology Officer

Portrait Manuel Pichler

Manuel Pichler

System Engineer

Portrait Marcel Fahle

Marcel Fahle

Frontend Developer

Marie Biedenkapp

Business Operations Specialist

Markus These

Cloud Platform Lead

Portrait Michael Nimz

Michael Nimz

Solution Architect

Portrait Mira Polat

Mira Polat

Partner Marketing and People Operations Specialist

Portrait Nina Jonker-Völker

Nina Jonker-Völker

Head of Sales and Channels

Peter Sunna

Chief Product Officer

Portrait Ray Schaeken

Raymond Schaeken

System Engineer

Portrait Sebastian Schaum

Sebastian Schaum

Customer Success Engineer

Stefania Marques

Support Specialist

Portrait Sven Koschnike

Sven Koschnicke

Fullstack Developer

Thomas Gottheil

Chief Executive Officer

Portrait Timo Pelster

Timo Pelster

Remote Experience Lead

Portrait Tobias Schlitt

Tobias Schlitt

Fullstack Developer

Volker Dusch

Head of Engineering

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