Conversations with Frontastic – Why a Frontend-as-a-Service?

Which core problem does a Frontend-as-a-Service solve? Thomas talks about his experiences

In this video Thomas talks about his experiences in customer projects during his time as owner of a successful eCommerce agency. He explains why these experiences inspired him to develop a Frontend-as-a-Service.

You will find out which core problem a Frontend-as-a-Service solves for retailers and shop operators and what outstanding customer experiences have to do with sustainable business value creation.

All that and more in 2 minutes – have a look!

“Retailers often invest a huge amount of IT resources into a commerce project. Nevertheless, the outcome is mostly average at best, and can’t compete with Google, Amazon and Co. This experience has inspired me to develop a Frontend-as-a-Service.”

Thomas GottheilCEO and Co-Founder of Frontastic