UI/UX/Frontend Engineer (f/m/*) as remote job

Frontastic is looking for a UI/UX/Frontend Engineer (f/m/*) as either part-time or full-time position. We are a remote-first company currently operating in the Europe/Berlin timezone. Locations in or close to Germany are preferred to make our regular in-person meetings easier.

As our first dedicated frontend engineer you will have the opportunity to be a major influence on our product UI/UX and bring a balance of opinion to our team of backend engineers.

This is not a junior position, but if you are experienced and ship proven work on your own, this position is for you. You can set new standards in the eCommerce experience: You develop our progressive web application platform with innovative UI components, build and integrate standards for others to develop their eCommerce projects on top of your work.

This Means

  • Implementation of basic UI patterns & new ideas for eCommerce projects
  • Development of frontend components with React & React-Redux
  • Styling with SASS & CSS using BEM / BEMIT and patterns from ITCSS
  • Development of a mobile-first progressive web app platform
  • Integration of different backend services via APIs