Progressive Web Apps – faster and simpler than native apps

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are the next big thing as frontend output channel. In particular, business models for which native apps offer hardly any real added value benefit from PWAs.

PWAs have some major advantages.

For users, they feel like a native app and are just as intuitive to use. Nevertheless, a Progressive Web App can be made available to the user like a normal website. This eliminates the need for installation via the Apple Store or Google Play, for example.

For site owners, PWAs are as easy and efficient to develop and manage as a website. The fact that PWAs are device-independent also makes them much less cost-intensive to develop and maintain.

Next to that, studies have shown that the use of Progressive Web Apps can lead to a significant increase in conversion rates.

Thomas Gottheil explains in two content-packed minutes how you can build a PWA with Frontastic even in your existing infrastructure, and which trends are coming after Progressive Web Apps.

“For many business models, Progressive Web Apps make much more sense than Native Apps.”

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