Tobias Schlitt is an open source enthusiast with a long-term contribution background to the PHP ecosystem. He is keen on Object Oriented Design, automated testing  and developer experience. His wackiest side-projects include an implementation of the Mustache template engine in Vimscript to realize DocBlock generation for PHP classes ( Lately Toby has expanded his focus from PHP to ReactJS frontend work, sadly without a knack for styling.

In 2018 Toby became a father and his biggest hobby since then is his son Lennox. Besides that he loves reading science fiction and fantasy literature, especially by Brandon Sanderson. If you are into playing board games you’ll find a happy chatting partner to nerd out about not-too-complex games of any kind. 🙂

In the past ~10 years before co-founding Frontastic Toby worked as a consultant and trainer at Qafoo, coaching development teams around the world in terms of software quality, refactoring and more. At Frontastic, Toby cares about APIs, developer experience and technical partner onboarding.