synaigy helps companies to establish and optimize their digital customer interaction through their consulting, design, technical implementation, operation and optimization services.

Digital systems become a natural and integrated part of our lives and help us to be the best version of ourselves. This also applies to companies which become the best version of themselves and thus successful and sustainable with the help of
digital customer interaction.

synaigy helps companies to digitize their customer interaction. They proceed methodically, systematically and customer centric in order to realize the best possible solution for the customers of their customer. Technology is a vehicle and a must. The key to success is the focus on customer benefits.

synaigy is the strong companion of their client, with whom they work together in a long term partnership in order to create the best possible solution across all touchpoints for their customers. For this goal, the passion of all synaigy team members unfolds.

The team of synaigy works with great passion on the perfect digital customer interaction. With more than 70 experts they are the specialists within TIMETOACT GROUP which has more than 500 employees for everything related to digital marketing, e-commerce and e-service. From Dortmund and Cologne, they serve customers all over Europe from the locations of the group, located throughout Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

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