Henning Emmrich is 47 years old and still has the curiosity of a 20 year old. His experiences are very wide spread: Marketing, Public Relations, Project Management, Community Building, Product Ownership, Organization & Administration and Finance. He even taught himself some JavaScript to be able to automate all processes with Zapier without developer help. Henning has a great passion for a good working atmosphere – everyone should have the opportunity to learn a lot and thus have fun working together. Henning lives together with his wife, two children and an Irish Terrier in a house in Münster. Of course, he likes cycling (that’s what everyone in Münster does). Apart from that he enjoys camping holidays and skiing. France is his favourite travel destination. Henning is the COO at Frontastic and acts as the “Integrator” counterpart to Thomas, the “Visionary”.

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Henning Emmrich
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