FINDOLOGIC’s open and modular platform with intelligent search, navigation, merchandising, shopping guide, 1:1 personalization, analytics, as well as our high-performance user interface, offers everything via lean integration.

Personalization: With FINDOLOGIC personalization you now have a specially optimized store for every target group.
Search: The search function represents the most important sales tool in your online store. FINDOLOGIC algorithm, which has been refined for over 11 years, lets your customers really find what they are looking for on a 1:1 personalized basis. At the outset of their search, Smart Suggest offers an intelligent drop- down to give your users the fastest possible orientation.
Navigation: Your users will see the most relevant products via your online store globally at any point during the customer journey. With 1:1 personalization and sophisticated merchandising, it povides a fully- integrated, high-performance, consistent and personalized user experience across all category pages.
Merchandising: Use the intuitive FINDOLOGIC backend with specially developed tools for compact and efficient sales and onsite marketing controls.
Shopping Guide: As part of a shopping advisor campaign, ask your users smart questions that a salesperson from a stationary branch store would also ask. Thus your users will find the right product quickly and easily.
User Interface: With the FINDOLOGIC user interface, integrated directly into your frontend, it can revolutionize your customer interactions.

Concerning trending topics like PWA or Headless, FINDOLOGIC offers in Frontastic a pre-defined framework for the best user experience through intelligent search and global filter navigation.

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