Apptus provides e-commerce retailers with business objective-driven online search and merchandising.

Their solutions leverage machine learning techniques and onsite behavioural data across on-site search, categories, list ranking and product recommendations to deliver a truly relevant and personalised experience proven to increase revenue and profit.

The company was founded in 2000 and has headquarters in Lund, Sweden and locations in London and Munich. Today, Apptus has more than 50 employees and over 15 years of experience in e-commerce retail solutions. They are enabling some of the world’s leading online retailers to improve sales performance, reduce cost and drive organisational efficiency.

The power of Machine Learning is to analyze customer preferences and automatically learn from this to deliver optimal recommendations. The goal is to optimize screen real estate to best meet set objectives – improving conversion rate or profit contribution, and sometimes to increase sales or margin.

Apptus strongly believes in SaaS and delivering high performance solutions from the cloud. Together with Frontastic, Apptus are able to combine the most dynamic and powerful concept for frontends of the future with the dynamic and machine learning based exposure of the right products for the right customer at the right time. Innovative, scalable and successful.

Optimising for set business goals

By telling the system to drive towards a certain business goal, it automatically exposes products that contribute most to the goal. Conversion exposes often-sold products, revenue high-priced products and profit high-margin products.

Ensuring relevant offers to every visitor

In a unified solution, all sales areas of the site exchange behavioural data to optimise product relevance everywhere in the web shop. Machine learning and big data analytics are used to understand every customer interaction in real time and to adjust product exposure to deliver individually relevant shopping experiences.

Improving customer experience, efficiency and sales

Using machine learning techniques means that much of the manual workload is automated. This gives the merchandising team more time for value-adding activities such as campaigns and enriching product and information presentations, leading to further improvement of the customer experience and increased sales.

Apptus offers a variety of solutions

eSales Enterprise
eSales Enterprise is a powerful and adaptive search and merchandising solution for large online retailers. It’s built to scale and has a capacity to handle millions of products and high traffic. This highly flexible solution lets you configure the setup to your exact specifications.

eSales Fashion
eSales Fashion is an intelligent search and merchandising solution tailor-made for online fashion retailers. It has fashion-specific functionality such as colour search, image analysis and sizing support. This specialised solution is easy to implement, with well-designed desktop and mobile components.

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