Apollo decides for Frontastic as Frontend Management Platform

Apollo, the optician with the largest number of stores in Germany, relies on the innovative Frontastic frontend management platform to implement new business ideas faster and with less resource consumption. The project was launched in October. The goal is to put the new platform into operation in spring 2019.

Frontend Management Platform

Who needs a Frontend Management Platform (as a Service) and what is it anyway? What do you need to successfully implement (frontend) projects - software or skills?

Founding a remote native company

If you are interested in Remote Work and want to get to know our view on this working world – this post is for you.
Hacking a PWA Frontend for IBM Websphere Commerce

synaigy and Frontastic hack a PWA for IBM Websphere Commerce

At synaigy Hackathon 2018, the "Syntastic" team has proven that it is possible to create a lean Progressive Web App (PWA) in just two days based on the IBM Websphere API and Frontastic as a Frontend-as-a-Service.
Aschendorff NEXT

Seed investment of Aschendorff NEXT in Frontastic


Aschendorff NEXT acquires a 6-figure Euro stake in Frontastic as part of a seed investment.

E-Commerce Singe Page Application

eCommerce Single Page Application Platform-as-a-Service


An eCommerce Single Page Application is what you “feel” when shopping on Zalando or About You – a smooth shopping experience without annoying reloads. Frontastic makes this experience possible for all modern eCommerce systems.

About You Cloud – Frontend from Frontastic

Now official: The About You Cloud - Frontend-as-a-Service from Frontastic. As an official backbone partner, Frontastic offers the Frontend-as-a-Service.

Is Frontastic actually Iaas, PaaS or SaaS?

Besides the simple explanation of Iaas, PaaS or SaaS, this is about the Frontend-as-a-Service and the right eCommerce strategy for agencies and eCommerce drivers. What is the key success factor? Is it the perfect integration of all processes involved? Is it the unique customer experience? Or is the essential contribution to economic success in the purchasing strategy?

Frontastic in a Nutshell

In simple words, it explains what a Frontend-as-a-Service and a React Platform-as-a-Service is, their advantages and why a modern eCommerce architecture cannot do without them.
Frontend für Headless auf der K5