Frontend Excellence for Lobenbergs Gute Weine

Frontend Excellence for Lobenbergs Gute Weine

Münster/ Bremen 10. February 2020 Multiple award-winning eCommerce wine retailer Lobenbergs Gute Weine has chosen Frontastic’s Frontend-as-a-Service for their future eCommerce tech stack.

Lobenbergs Gute Weine: Making online shoppers feel like they can almost taste the wine

Germany’s leading wine magazine “Selection” named the online wine retailer Lobenbergs Gute Weine “Wine Retailer of the Year 2019” for their well-curated assortment. 

Now, Lobenbergs has chosen Frontastic as their Frontend Management Platform to create an even more immersive digital experience for their customers. 

Being in the business of selling taste online, Lobenbergs Gute Weine is all about guiding their customers on an exciting discovery of new wines. 

But when it comes to selling the best wines online, there’s one particular challenge to overcome for such a sensory product: How do you create an emotional shopping experience that truly addresses all the senses on any device? 

An engaging and captivating customer journey is key to success for the wine retailer. Naturally, they needed a Frontend Management Platform that’s up for the challenge. Frontastic’s frontend-as-a-service ultimately provided the solution. It allows the wine retailer to build exciting and innovative digital customer experiences easily and without much IT effort involved.

Additionally, Frontastic’s uncompromising mobile first approach and Progressive Web App allow Lobenbergs Gute Weine to deliver a mobile shopping experience that’s unrivalled in their industry. 

About Lobenbergs Gute Weine

A passion for wine bordering on obsession, friendship with their winemakers and the unbridled will to provide their customers with the best possible wine enjoyment moments are the basis of all the work at Lobenbergs Gute Weine. This enthusiasm for the culture of enjoyment drives them forward. Where else can you find such a complex, joyful and pleasurable experience? For Lobenbergs, wine is magic, and we all sit together at the table of diversity. United in pleasure.

About Frontastic

With its Frontend-as-a-Service, Frontastic is rethinking the digital customer experience. Radically based on “mobile first”, the solution enables ambitious online retailers, brands, marketplaces or even agile start-ups to easily implement customer centricity with minimal IT effort. Within a short period of time, Frontastic has successfully established itself as the new standard front-end solution for the API economy.