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Frontastic is the standard Frontend-as-a-Service for your headless CMS and commerce systems.

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Unlock Your Digital Potential


Simply connect your data from any source to Frontastic to get the best out of your content!


Easily assemble your page by dragging and dropping Tastics, our customizable building blocks.


Build and manage your site with our intuitive editor.


Preview your page on any device. Watch as it updates instantly when you make changes.


Launch your frontend now

Create your frontend based on market-proven Tastics, our customizable building blocks, and go live straight away as a Progressive Web App (PWA).

“Frontastic makes the frontend and the user experience easier and more exciting. A great way for forward thinking brands and retailers to try out new ideas.”

Jochen Krisch
Publisher @

Empower your marketing team

With our Editor, your marketing team works independently from your developers. Giving everyone the freedom and flexibility to focus on what they’re best at.

“Frontastic’s frontend flexibility allows us to realize new ideas faster than before. Now, we can constantly adapt and optimize our customer experience and create a unique wine shopping experience.”

Dominic Blaesi
Founder @

Boost your frontend development

Your developers work on the cool stuff like building your own unique Tastics, our fully customizable building blocks based on ReactJS, that create endless possibilities for your frontend!

“Thanks to Frontastic our developers can focus on what they are best in: coding.”

Dr. Matthias Blauth
Managing Director @ Nexus United


Just some of your Benefits

Cope with speed of change

We help you keep up with competition and innovation speed – even if you’ve got less resources and smaller budgets than the big players.

Deliver more value

Focus on creating delightful customer experiences and accelerate your business – without compromising the frontend.

Faster time-to-value

Autonomy and agility for every team member. A solution is always just one click away.


Frontastic is built for enterprises: high performance, security, and privacy are built-in from day one. We’re ready to handle your complex requirements!

No more legacy code

With state-of-the-art technology based on ReactJS and a wide range of standard integrations, you can keep building your architecture tailored to your business needs.

Higher conversion

Test, learn, and improve – constantly! Use the power of flexibility to rapidly adapt to your UX findings and market research.

the standard frontend-as-a-service for

Frontastic is the right
solution for you if…

You’re in a fast-changing business environment

Get the flexibility and agility to adapt to constantly changing business conditions with little effort and resources.

Competition is fierce and your resources are limited

Create and deliver fully customizable frontends without the need for large teams or big budgets.

Your teams are bursting with new ideas they want to test

Empower your teams to implement, test, and optimize the best experience for your customers – now, tomorrow, and every day.

You want to build your IT landscape flexibly

Frontend-as-a-Service is the shield which helps you to constantly drive innovation in the background using a microservices, API first, cloud native, headless set-up.

Create The Best Customer

Just one of the reasons why Frontastic can help your business grow.