This is Frontastic

It’s made up of 4 parts, each giving you all the tools you need to build amazing commerce sites.
And at the heart of everything are Frontastic components, the reusable building blocks
for your website and web app.

Frontastic Features

Frontastic components

The API hub connects your Frontastic components with data. It provides a unified way of querying all data in your tech stack.


You can extend Frontastic to connect to any headless service using Typescript/JavaScript, including commerce, content, search, and other APIs using GET or GET and POST methods.


The API hub takes care of orchestrating the data from all the backends and services you use, ensuring flawless sync and high performance.

Frontastic component library

Kickstart your development with components for the most common commerce use cases, like product listings, details pages, cart, and checkout.

commercetools extension

Frontastic comes with a ready-to-use extension to commercetools.

Built-in workflows

We provide a built-in workflow for developing Frontastic components, including development, test, and production environments.

Frontastic CLI

Use the Frontastic CLI with your favorite IDE to develop Frontastic components.

Frontastic sandbox

With Frontastic sandboxes, you develop extensions to the API hub. You can also use them to do branch deployments.

Deployment pipeline

Deploy with confidence using our transparent deployment pipeline with Continuous Integration and rollbacks.

Site builder

Build your pages using Frontastic components, our customizable building blocks. Edit content, configure data sources, and publish your changes in our site builder.

Live preview

Use our real-time preview to check your changes on a real device. Make changes in the Frontastic studio and see them update instantly on your mobile.

SEO tooling

Optimize your commerce site for SEO with easy-to-use fields, adjustable tags, and creating permanent or temporary redirects.


Translate your site into multiple languages and manage multiple projects for different territories.

Template builder

Create page templates or component groups to reuse when building pages for an even faster time to market and avoid repetitive tasks.

Project settings

With the Frontastic studio, you can manage the users in your team, project settings, media, and much more.


Your commerce site is delivered as a Progressive Web App (PWA), optimized for performance and an app-like experience. Plus Server Side Rendering (SSR) for smoother delivery and an SEO-friendly site.

Hosting and DevOps

We take care of all hosting and DevOps, including auto-scaling, and comes with enterprise-level SLAs to ensure your sites are safe and secure. Plus, we’re ISO certified.

Logging and monitoring

We provide constant logging and monitoring to measure application performance or third-party API outages.

What’s new?

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