Clear the stage for our new studio

We’re proud and excited to release the new user interface of the Frontastic studio. As one of the core components of our Composable Frontend Platform, our studio is where eCommerce and Storefront Managers create and manage entire commerce sites. With our studio, our goal is to offer a user experience that empowers our users. We’re striving to make working with our studio simple and intuitive. We want to put our users in control.

And while we already had a good user interface for our studio, we knew that we needed to put more work in to turn the user experience into a platform that’s truly delightful and enjoyable to work with every day.

So, with this release, we’ll be rolling out a new look and feel of Backstage, as well as updating its name to the Frontastic studio.

Create, test, and optimize

The mantra we’re preaching to our users is to constantly create, test, and optimize their own digital customer experiences to engage and delight their customers.

We’re holding ourselves to the same standards. So, over the past months, we’ve put a lot of thought into defining the future user experience for Frontastic. With our ideas, we went through a lot of user testing and interviews. You can read more about the development process of our new studio in this article. The outcome is a whole new Frontastic look and feel.

But we won’t stop there. We’ll be continuing to test and optimize this design to create the best experience possible.

A new look and feel

With the new Frontastic look and feel, we’ve made a leap forward when it comes to user experience. The clear and crisp new design gives users a better overview and more clarity in their Frontastic working environment.

We’ve improved visual flows, making sure that our studio is easy and fast to navigate. Information, actions, buttons, and feedback are right there, when and where the user needs them in their daily flow.

We’re always aiming to provide a user experience that’s enjoyable, delightful, and inspiring. With the new look and feel, even more than before, it feels pleasant and fulfilling to manage commerce sites with the Frontastic studio.

A new name: The Frontastic studio

With this new release, we’re also going through a name change. Up until now, our site builder was called “Backstage.” Now, we’re making it easier to understand as it’s so much more than just a site builder it’s now called: the Frontastic studio.

Want to see Frontastic in action?

Aren’t a Frontastic user yet? Then make sure to sign up for our guided demo to see Frontastic in action and understand how it helps you to empower your marketing and development teams to deliver their best work yet.