Founding a Remote Native Company with a Fully Distributed Team

Founding a Remote Native Company comes with its own advantages, but also challenges compared to other forms of organisation. COO and co-founder Henning Emmrich writes about the forms of organisation that exist in terms of home office and remote work, their advantages and disadvantages, and what we at Frontastic as a Remote Native Company have learned so far.
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Frontastic's Remote Team Growing 2019

Since being founded, Frontastic has operated as completely location-independent company. By now, our team is not only spread all over Germany but increasingly also based abroad. By now, organising ourselves as a remote native company has proven to be an important factor for our company's development. Read all about why and how we build our team remotely and why that is a big advantage for us as we grow.

Founding a remote native company

If you are interested in Remote Work and want to get to know our view on this working world – this post is for you.