Conversations with Frontastic – Building customer experiences the fast and easy way

Continuously optimise your customer experiences – as quickly and easily as possible!

Thomas explains briefly which issues managers, marketers and content managers often encounter today when it comes to continuously improving their frontend experiences. He also shows how this can be improved.

In less than two minutes you’ll learn how to quickly, flexibly and independently build, live and continuously optimise your customer experiences with Frontastic. From proof of concept to high-performance frontends, Frontastic can map everything quickly and flexibly. And as Frontend-as-a-Service, we make sure that everything runs smoothly.

All that enables you to create customer experiences that are fun and feel intuitive, at the speed of light.

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“With Frontastic, you can optimise your frontend with just three clicks. With other platforms, you often have to set up entire projects for that.”

Thomas GottheilCEO and Co-Founder of Frontastic