neteleven And Frontastic Announce Partnership

We are happy to welcome neteleven to our Frontastic ecosystem. The agency is specialized in the strategic setup, development and operation of digital solutions. Read more!

Frontastic Explains: API and API-first

Today we want to talk about API and API-first. What does that mean and how do modern eCommerce and Frontend-as-a-service rely on API-first strategies? Read more to find out about the greatest benefits of API-.

emporix And Frontastic Announce Technology Partnership

Another great Partnership: We are glad to announce that we are working together with emporix. Read more to find out how we will shape the future of eCommerce together with the software provider for enterprise headless commerce.
Getting Rid of the VM

How we improved the developer experience by getting rid of our VM

Since we launched Frontastic back in 2017, every Developer working with us needed to boot (and provision) a Virtual Machine (VM) or a Docker container. Read more to find out, how we improved the developer experience by getting rid of the VM and what solution we came up with.
Henning's Focus Environment

Maximum output comes from working in the most suitable environment

Knowledge workers don’t need machines – thanks to digitalization, there's no need for paper files either. All work tools and information are available digitally that can be accessed from anywhere. So what does this mean when choosing a workplace? What does the ideal workplace look like? And does the ideal workplace even exist? Read more to find out.

New Technology Partnership: Welcome Adyen!

Frontastic and Adyen, the global payments platform of choice for many of the world’s leading companies, are proud to start working together as technology partners. Find out more about the partnership.

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