Frontastic wins new customers Tom Tailor and Berlin Brands Group

Frontastic wins 2 new customers — thanks to the ability to deliver amazing commerce sites quickly while giving developers and business users the workbench to build frontend excellence.

New customers

Münster/ Berlin/ Hamburg, May 5, 2021 Frontastic, the Commerce Frontend Platform, starts the quarter with 2 new well-known customers.

As one of the leading European vertical lifestyle companies, Tom Tailor has ambitious plans to create a great customer experience on mobile and stay ahead of the strong eCommerce competition. With Frontastic as the chosen Composable Frontend Platform and in combination with ABOUT YOU CLOUD, the fashion brand can provide a new level of online experience to its customers.

The Berlin-based commerce company Berlin Brands Group has a strong focus on D2C Brands and ambitious plans to bring more economies of scale to the business. The combination of Frontastic and commercetools brings new possibilities and independence to the teams, and it enables them to deliver unique frontend experiences faster and more efficiently.

“With Tom Tailor and Berlin Brands Group, we’ve once again succeeded in winning 2 market-leading companies for Frontastic,” says CEO and Co-founder Thomas Gottheil happily. “This shows that our Composable Frontend Platform fills a gap and companies decide for an API-first approach experience — and that we’re on the right track with addressing the pains that both tech and business teams face.”

About Tom Tailor

Tom Tailor is one of the leading European casual fashion and lifestyle brands. Founded in 1962 in Hamburg, Tom Tailor now employs 3,000 people from over 30 nations. Tom Tailor runs a fast-growing eCommerce business with online shops in five European markets and ambitious plans to shape the future of D2C fashion eCommerce based on leading-edge CX/UX.

About Berlin Brands Group

The Berlin Brands Group is a global top-selling vertical eCommerce company with a total of 14 brands from Home and Living, Consumer Electronics, Sound and Light, and Sports, united under one roof. Berlin Brand Group believes in the direct-to-consumer model (D2C) and has been shaping the industry since 2005. With brands like Klarstein, Capital Sports, or Blumfeldt, the self-financed group and its employees realized over 300 million net revenue in 2020.

About Frontastic

Founded in 2017, Frontastic is a Composable Frontend Platform that unites business and development teams to build amazing commerce sites on headless fast. It connects to any API to unify tech landscapes and provides the necessary tools so commerce teams can focus on innovating new features. Within a short time, the company has successfully established itself as the new standard for commerce frontends with its customers seeing at least a 10% higher conversion rate, at least a 50% increase in developer productivity, and a faster time to market.

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