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Now official: The About You Cloud – Frontend-as-a-Service from Frontastic

The successful Otto subsidiary and online pure player About You has launched the About You Cloud, an “eCommerce Infrastructure-as-a-Service“. And the exciting thing about it: not only the eCommerce infrastructure is available as a service. With Frontastic there is also the suitable Frontend-as-a-Service right from the start.

Your Favourite Tool: Frontastic

On the backbone page the new eCommerce tech provider About You lists Frontastic as one of the “Favourite Tools” of the eCommerce community. Rightly so, we think. On closer inspection, Frontastic fits seamlessly and without overlaps with About You’s API and service approach.

Anyone who chooses the About You Cloud will receive a tried and tested, fully equipped eCommerce system in the cloud. What they don’t get is the frontend, the customer experience, the digital store windows – in our opinion the most important part.

And this is exactly the part we deliver – as a service, of course. Because which customer or service provider would like to voluntarily take care of the deployment processes and the operation?

And what customers particularly appreciate about Frontastic is that they get a user interface for online editorial staff that is as easy to use as WordPress – but designed for enterprise processes.

We are already talking to several potential customers about the double team “About You Cloud – Frontend-as-a-Service from Frontastic”. We receive consistently positive feedback, especially from future-oriented companies.

My Opinion: About You Cloud – Frontend-as-a-Service by Frontastic: A Dream Team

I have already said on several occasions that in my view there is no way around a service-oriented architecture consumed from the cloud. About You is going the right way with its new offer and is offering the market an innovative product.

It is also an absolutely valid approach of About You to leave out the frontend and focus on the core processes of eCommerce.

As a logical consequence, the frontend must also be consumed as a service from the cloud. Here we offer a product that fits perfectly to the About You range without overlaps.