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7 must-know omnichannel retail trends for 2021 and beyond

In this article, our partner Contentstack has compiled everything you need to know about omnichannel retail in 2021, key developments ranging from shoppable social to the shocking role of physical spaces, and the software you can start working with today to act on all these modern trends.

Frontastic wins new customer gamescom

Frontastic wins gamescom, the world's largest computer game fair, as a new customer. Find out more about this exciting project we started together with GraphCMS and Shopmacher.

Evolution of virtual retreats at Frontastic

In times of a pandemic, we believe it isn't responsible to meet in person as a remote native company. That's why our retreats – the more informal meetings – also take place online. Our learning curve is steep, to put it positively: our virtual meetings are getting better and better each time. Read more.
New customers

Frontastic wins new customers Berlin Brands Group and Tom Tailor

Frontastic wins 2 new customers — thanks to the ability to deliver amazing commerce sites quickly while giving developers and business users the workbench to build frontend excellence.

Frontastic explains: Cloud native

In this episode of Frontastic explains, we talk about why monolith architectures are considered old-fashioned in modern eCommerce and why microservices are the rising star on the commerce horizon.
continuous releasing

Continuous releasing: Frontastic explains

In this episode of Frontastic explains, we talk about continuous releasing and easily explain Continuous Integration, delivery, and deployment.

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