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The landing page: a key resource for converting your leads

Landing pages are the gateway to conversion. In this article, we'll look at how you can use personalization to increase effectiveness.

Top eCommerce trends that are accelerating the need for MACH

Our partner Amplience is providing a pointing overview on current top-trends in eCommerce. Why those are accerlerating the need for MACH? Find out more in this guest post.

Leaning away from legacy tools: Modernize your tech stack with MACH

Digital transformation is progressing with light speed. More and more companies are leaning away from their outdated legacy systems and search for a future-proof tech stack. Our partner Contentstack explains why turning to MACH technologies might be a reasonable choice for many companies.

How to optimize eCommerce product pages to boost conversions

Why is it important to have a perfect product page? Our partner 5874 Commerce answers the questions and also shows how to optimize an eCommerce product page to boost conversions.

Retail and MACH: Understanding your why when implementing

Just like us, our partner Amplience is a proud member of the MACH Alliance. We're happy to share this article about why retailers should think about implementing MACH technologies to keep up with the competition.

7 must-know omnichannel retail trends for 2021 and beyond

In this article, our partner Contentstack has compiled everything you need to know about omnichannel retail in 2021, key developments ranging from shoppable social to the shocking role of physical spaces, and the software you can start working with today to act on all these modern trends.

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