APIs and Cloud Native Applications

A combination of microservices, APIs, cloud adoption and headless architecture is needed to truly master e-commerce in a way that puts consumers first. Most successful organisations have already adopted one of these four ‘pillars’, and most are planning on adopting all four in their near future. Our partner emporix takes a look at the added benefits of using cloud-native technology with an API-first approach.

Performance optimization: How to minimize your assets

The size of the JavaScript is one of the most important optimization points for a fast initial load of a website, which then influences other factors like the Lighthouse Score. In the second part of our performance series, you learn all about minimizing assets.

How to make your cloud journey safe and secure

Cloud adoption is called a “digital transformation” for a reason. Relocating to the cloud can alter a company’s business model and profoundly transform how it operates, including performance, organizational structure and responsibilities. Our partner EPAM shares information about this topic.

How Server Side Rendering improves initial loading times

Performance is key for all sites. Not only does it improve SEO, but it increases sales and customer happiness. But companies must recognize the challenges that are involved. In this series, we'll go through the main areas of site performance, how you can improve the performance of your site, and the trade-offs you'll have to make when it comes to performance versus customer experience. In the first article of this series, we'll look at Server Side Rendering.

E2X and Frontastic announce partnership

Frontastic and E2X combine expertise in digital storefront with 20 years of experience delivering agile, flexible, and API first commerce solutions to provide businesses with the next generation of customer-centric digital transformations. Read more.

Grocery commerce: putting customers first

Customer experience has always been at the very heart of grocery commerce. From being able to select a particular cut of meat at the deli counter, to weighing out the perfect portion of hand picked fruit or vegetables, grocery shopping is a sensory experience that consumers quite rightly get very selective about. Our partner emporix tells you more about the topic.

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