Redesigning the Frontastic Editor: The why, the how, and the what

Over the last few months, we’ve been working on improving the look and feel of the Frontastic Editor, the tool that all Frontastic customers work with. And we’re happy to say that the 1st phase has rolled out to our customers, and they can start seeing improvements to their day-to-day work.

Clear the stage for our new Editor

We're proud and excited to release the new user interface of our Editor. With our new Editor, our goal is to offer a user experience that empowers our users. Working with it is simple and intuitive and we're putting our users in control.

Frontastic Explains: Microservices

In this episode of Frontastic Explains, we talk about why monolith architectures are considered old-fashioned in mordern eCommerce and why microservices are the rising star at the commerce horizon.

What is Composable Commerce?

In this guest article, Frontastic partner Amplience gives a detailed and well-structured insight into composable commerce. Find out more about this relatively new industry term and what it actually means.
mobizcorp partnership image

Mobizcorp and Frontastic announce partnership

Customized brand services meet fast and flexible frontends: We are more than happy to welcome Mobizcorp to the Frontastic ecosystem. We are looking forward to future-driven projects. Read more!

A/B testing and personalization: do you trust your data and results?

Modern digital marketing strategies depend on understanding, analyzing and acting on large volumes of data. In this guest article, Frontastic Technology Partner Kamaleoon gives useful insights into the topic A/B testing and the right usage of visitor data.

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