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Spryker and Frontastic announce technology partnership

Frontastic, the most innovative Frontend Management Platform for headless and API-first systems, and Spryker, the leading software provider for B2C and B2B commerce solutions, are proud to start working together as technology partners. The seamless integration of the two software solutions via their APIs enables brands and businesses to easily develop high-impact digital customer experiences while relying on a commerce software solution specifically tailored to their business needs.

API first: Frontastic as frontend for headless set-ups

Whether in commerce, content management or other areas such as data management, headless setups and micro services are becoming increasingly more important. In this interview, Thomas Gottheil, CEO and Co-Founder of Frontastic, explains why API first is more than just a trend. What are the challenges, and why is Frontastic the piece of the puzzle that provides the solution? All the info, compact in less than 2 minutes.

Building and deploying customer experiences faster

Thomas explains briefly which issues managers, marketers and content managers often encounter today when it comes to continuously improving their frontend experiences. He also shows how that process can be improved. In less than two minutes you’ll learn how to quickly, flexibly and independently build, deploy and continuously optimize your customer experiences with Frontastic.

Flexible, fast and agile: Three core benefits of Frontastic

How and why Frontastic as a Frontend Management Platform helps our customers to make frontend development more flexible, easier and faster: Thomas explains it to you in two very informative minutes.
Also: how our API-First approach ensures the optimal provision of data and processes, how content and marketing managers create a Progressive Web App with our editor easily and without IT effort, and why fast testing and improvement is important for our customers.
Take a look, it’s worth it!

Why a Frontend-as-a-Service?

In this video, Thomas talks about his experience in customer projects during his time as owner of a successful eCommerce agency. He explains why these experiences inspired him to develop a Frontend-as-a-Service.
You will find out which core problems a Frontend-as-a-Service solves for retailers and shop operators and what outstanding customer experiences have to do with sustainable business value creation.

Frontastic’s Remote Team Growing 2019

Since being founded, Frontastic has operated as completely location-independent company. By now, our team is not only spread all over Germany but increasingly also based abroad. By now, organizing ourselves as a remote native company has proven to be an important factor for our company’s development. Read all about why and how we build our team remotely and why that is a big advantage for us as we grow.