Conversations with Frontastic – API first, headless set-ups and Frontastic

API first: The separation of data, processes and algorithms from the frontend

Whether in commerce, content management or other areas such as data management – headless set-ups and micro services are becoming increasingly important. Even large software houses are increasingly concentrating on the management of data, processes and algorithms. Such so-called headless set-ups can be seen, for example, with Commercetools and Spryker, with Contentful and GraphCMS. Even power houses like SAP are taking the “headless road”.

In such set-ups, the frontend as an interface to the user is often neglected or no longer provided at all. But how do I get a frontend to my system, then? What are the challenges that arise, and why is Frontastic the “missing piece” that offers the solution?

Much more information, compact in less than 2 minutes in our interview with Thomas Gottheil.

“API first is more than just a trend: Many companies are beginning to focus on the management of data, processes and algorithms. The frontend often gets less attention.”

Thomas GottheilCEO & Founder of Frontastic

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